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Super Model

Super Model is part of the Spotted Horses Collection of the “Digital Pop” series. Inspired by a dream, this wild-eyed, blowing-mane collection captures the spirit of the horse and their unique personalities. Shop for canvas and traditional framed prints, pillows, and even canvases you can paint yourself.

The Digital Pop series is inspired by our modern digital design literacy where bold, simplified color, icons, and shapes can convey a remarkable amount of story with minimal affordances and screen real estate.

Gallery Wrap Canvas

$65.00 (16×16)
$75.00 (16×24)
$90.00 (20×20)
$120.00 (20×30)
$175.00 (24×36)
$180.00 (30×30)
$275.00 (36×36)
No frame required, ready to hang. Image wraps around the side of canvas. Canvas depth is 1.25″.

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Framed Canvas

$110.00 (16×16)
$130.00 (16×24)
$140.00 (20×20)
$180.00 (20×30)
$255.00 (24×36)
$265.00 (30×30)
$320.00 (36×36)
Ready to hang. Real wood frame. Matte black enamel finish. Frame depth is 1.75″.

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Framed Print

(14×21, framed size 24×31)
(16×16, framed size 26×26)
(16×24, framed size 26×34)
(20×20, framed size 30×30)
Ready to hang. 3″ white border around image. White or black matte enamel frame is 2″ wide. Shatter proof plexi glass. Final framed size adds 10″ to image size.

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Accent Pillow

$35.00 (12×12)
$45.00 (18×18)
$55.00 (24×24)
Faux suede fabric. Pillow fabric is dyed for unrivaled durability and color vibrancy. Color fast for safe washing. Printed with a cream colored backside. 100% polyester filling.

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You-Paint Canvas Blanks

$40.00 (16×16)
No frame required, ready to hang. Printed black line design – all you need to do is paint! Paint not included. Canvas depth is 1.25″.

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Mural Size Canvas

$399.00 (48×48)
Collapsible technology allows this oversize canvas to unfold in minutes, ready to hang. Canvas depth is 1.25″.

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