“Wine Lover”


Original Painting

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24″ x 30″ x 1.5″, original watercolor on paper. Watercolor is matte, black line has a satin finish. 1.5″ wide sides are matte black. Ready to hang.

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“Wine Lover”

Wine Lover is part of the of the “Digital Pop” series inspired by the bold, iconic forms and color of modern digital design. The often-humorous Adult Beverage Collection features the good times of friends enjoying a drink or two together.

Original watercolor
This 24x30x1.5 original watercolor painting by artist Lisa Lopuck features vibrant color with fabulous blends, and finishes with bold black lines.

About the Artist
Lisa Lopuck is both a designer and an artist. As such, her creations often reflect bold graphical themes, vibrant color, and unique compositions that are often cropped to create a sense of abstraction.