Lisa Lopuck

“Hot Off the Press” Glass Cutting Board


$50.00 | 11×15
Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery. Tempered glass serving tray / cutting board livens up your kitchen or bar. Perfect for entertaining or as a gift.

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Hot Off the Press

Hot Off the Press is part of the Adult Beverage Collection of the “Digital Pop” series inspired by the bold, iconic forms and color of modern digital design. The often-humorous Adult Beverage Collection features the good times of friends enjoying a drink or two together. Vividly bold and alive with color, this beverage collection is sure to liven up your kitchen, bar or any space.

About the Artist
Lisa Lopuck is both a designer and an artist. As such, her creations often reflect bold graphical themes, vibrant color, and unique compositions that are often cropped to create a sense of abstraction despite any amount of realism captured in subject.

About This Product
This is a genuine, authentic Lisa Lopuck design reproduction on a tempered, textured glass cutting board, perfect for your kitchen or bar – or as a unique artsy gift.

Additional information

Dimensions 11 × 15 in